Focus on the People.

Media has it’s way of over sensationalizing topics that can take away the focus of the real issue. This week I saw an article that made that case ever so clearly. There were a couple of headlines that made its way to the top and one if them had absolutely nothing to do with the helpless Haiyan victims. This whole Lee-Navarro subject is just a hype to avoid the governments responsibility to help the real issue with the people of Leyte. Secondly, the image that was posted on an international report caused a stir among the leyteans. Photo op is huge for many local political representatives, and their exposure is important to them, even though we know it’s not going to get them any further in the next election. As a waray-waray myself, I know exactly how my fellow people can be very sensitive to certain issues. We tend to over react to images before we can even find out exactly what the real story behind it. In fact I know this because, like many of my fellow people, I too reacted this same way because, that’s how we waray-waray are, we are very sensitive to certain issues and we conclude ourselves by either expressing with anger or with disappointment and not going any further with story.

But sometimes we must think out of the box. Some issues are far greater to be ignored or avoided especially when it affects a large community. Oftentimes, the opposing group or the medias, that prefer to be unbiased, will not address issues that perhaps we think are important to us. Locally, we want action, we want to see results, but it can only happen if we disregard what others will say. At times the media or the opposition party will likely use tactics that are thought provoking and will even try to divert attention by focusing on other issues. This is a very common practice used to divert attention to topics that we perhaps think is important to us.

We leyteans must think outside the box. We mustn’t fall into self-criticism, be it seeing in a form of an image of someone we hate, or subject that has no relation to our situation. I sympathize how you feel the anger and rage when you see a subject you don’t like, but that only fuels the discontent to ourselves. The outside world does not know that, nor cares to know what’s going on locally. They care more of the big picture, the real issue that are affecting the many.

I hope you understand this is not a rant, but rather take it as an advise that we mustn’t take away the focus of what’s the real issue here. If we are to make a real difference in this world, we must work together for the common good. We must fight for what is right to us. This is the real story, educate the whole world what’s been happening in Leyte and show them the injustice that we have all experienced since typhoon Haiyan. Real stories like the plea from Janice Dorado in MacArthur Leyte who needs helps in there school infrastructure. Amelita Flores from Tabu, Dulag whose village is in dire need of basic aid still. These are genuine stories that we all could focus on and spread the help they call out by liking FB Aid for Typhoon Haiyan Victims.


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