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A year later after Haiyan

Editorial Note;
By Ernesto Regis

What began as just another storm of the season, became a historic event no one could ever imagined. Today we reflect back on the 1 year anniversary of the strongest typhoon ever recorded to hit the Philippines. We watched in awe as it came closer to the island and realized how bad it was going to be. Filipinos all over the world were anxious and worried about their families back home. We became helpless as the wrath of the typhoon took over the province, killing and distroying everything in its path.

Today, the people of leyte have moved on and continued their daily life. Not everyone has had the full recovery of the aftermath of the hurricane, but the resilience of the community is what keeps them going. Some are still living in temporary shacks, others are still going to school with the infrastructure still incomplete. In many cases, some just relied on what they’ve gotten from the aid sent during the first recovery last year.

We are very fortunate, for those of us that live in North America, that we don’t have to worry about the problems they’ve faced. But, we also have the responsibility to recognize the challenges they are facing.
Upright and resilient, the people of leyte have shown to us their determination, courage and purpose to move on, which exemplifies the true nature of filipinos. Failure does not come from falling down, but rather failure is not getting up. Hence “Tindog Leyte” has defined the people of leyte as people with resilience.

Our hope is that we can continue to help and recognize the situation in a more altruistic approach to the people of leyte. They must learn to live despite their losses. To the people of leyte we share our thoughts with you to remember the people who have lost their loved ones, and pray with you in this sad event.