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Aid For Typhoon Haiyan Victims


We at AFTHV, sometimes forget that there are people behind this small organization that also deserves to be recognized. In fact these few members have gone far beyond their duties to help run our Facebook campaign. These three people have done so much to make things happen from the beginning of our campaign up to the end of our last donation drive. They also come from different background in there perspective career, but they all share a common goal, to help the victims of typhoon Haiyan.

I would like to share with you three of our people that have helped AFTHV become a reality, Brian Hungerford, Brittni Smallwood, and Juliet Corpuz.

Brian Hungerford is a registered nurse working in the field of home visiting nurse program. His passion to help people has resonated also to helping the people of Leyte. He is the cofounder of AFTHV and have helped me immensely in developing and organizing the idea of Facebook campaign. Brian has also helped by donating medics supplies that were sent on the last donation drive to the people in MacArthur Leyte. We know being a nurse is a career of compassion and caring for the people, we can’t thank him enough how much he has done for running this innovative idea to become a reality.

Brittni Smallwood, has been with us at the very beginning of the campaign. As a news reporter for WIVB buffalo news, she helped us expose our campaign through the media and reported the devastation that happened in Leyte. Residing in Buffalo, NY she became a great asset to us because she was able to reach the American viewers. Her willingness to help spread the word of our campaign has proven to us that she cares for the the victims of Haiyan. She prays that all the victims will be served equally and that the people of Leyte will return to its normalcy soon. Brittni will be doing a follow up story in the near future, she knows that if she can help a little bit by telling our story on TV it will go long way in the future.

Juliet corpuz , is perhaps the happiest, most charitable person to have had in our campaign . Her passion to help organize the delivery of our care packages has been a huge help for us. Juliet, also runs her own charitable work called live to give , and she surely has proven to us that she lives to give. Juliet and I organized the donation drive which we collected and delivered boxes to the people of Leyte. We couldn’t have done a successful drive without her cheerful and proactive help in the logistic part of our campaign.

Although we are a very small organization, we have a very big project that we continue to pursue. Our goal is to continue to help the small villages after typhoon Haiyan, and to raise awareness of the current situation in Leyte. We know how hard and how long it takes to get help done in the under represented towns, but with our campaign, we continue to spread the word in hopes that someday we will be sharing success stories instead of pleas for help. Please like our page if you feel this is important to you, we thank you for your support.