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What If…


What If…

What if, there was a government that was honest and true to their words. Would we see suffering of unequal treatment of the victims? No, everybody would get a fair treatment. Rich and poor would receive the same amount of supply and aid that everyone is entitled to. A ration of rice and a portion of canned food would be distributed according to the number of people in the family. Top government salary could be cut back to reduce or freeze property and business taxes. Implement temporary tax free incentive programs in tourism and agriculture.

What if…

What if the 8.1 billion dollars that was given to help the victims of Haiyan was there. Would we see people crying for help to build there homes and basic infrastructure? No, the things we could use to rebuild our province is to develop programs that promote economic job opportunity. We could take advantage of this fund as a clean slate, start all over again. Build community homes to help the people who lost their land. Instead of temporary shelter, why not create a housing program that will become permanent for the residence. Give the citizens of Leyte a sense of pride by giving them an education that will lead to self sustaining experience which in turn will benefit the community. Start fresh, build jobs and opportunity that will empower the people not to rely on foreign aid anymore.

What if..

What if there was no political stigma between the province and the government of the Philippines. Would we see rallies? No, peoples need would be heard and answered. A line of communication that would be heard not only in the cities, but also the smaller barangays. Major infrastructures will be dealt with according to priorities of the community. Health care could be provided to people with the basic needs, and children should have direct access to healthcare no matter what the case is. A nutrition program could be mandatory to all elementary schools with basic ration of fruits and grains. We could all take advantage of this program to help extinct hunger that plagues our province.

We can only imagine these scenarios if our society does not change its attitude towards our current situation. Nothing is impossible, people can make it happen, but it takes a community to make change happen. Typhoon Haiyan did not happen to us for no reason, it happened to us because it renewed our sense of hope…it is up to the people how they want to envision their future. Democracy does not work for the government it’s the people that makes democracy happens. HOPE~hold on pain ends.