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A Mother’s Legacy


It’s not about how much we receive but also what we can learn from the devastation. A teachable moment that we perhaps can take out and apply it to our daily life.

I had to modify this blog as it was written in both languages. We hope that you can share this and apply it to your family as a message of hope and love to others.

Ever since childhood, I’ve always tried to show my children how to be humble. Lately, after the super typhoon, my husbands relatives brought my eldest son to get some sacks of palay (wheat). He carried and lifted it, but with only 2 sacks as his share. Of course, he was disappointed, because many got 4 and he only got 2. So I told him not to be too concerned about it, perhaps they need it more than we do. I felt so sad about my son’s effort because he wanted to help the family so much through his own way. On our way home he was still feeling disappointed, so I told him, eventually they too will run out of supply but don’t worry, we are still fortunate we got some than nothing at all. My oldest daughter also said that we’re still more blessed than the others in our village because we still have our small monthly salary to rely on. Some don’t even have any salary and rely on food stamp. I share my story, because even if my family is mistreated, we are still blessed and have a small grace coming to our family. It may not be financially big but at least we are moving on and getting stronger despite of all those trials and tribulations that my family has gone through and still experiencing it.

To all waraynon, let’s all hope for the best and let our attitude be: ” AN ENDLESS HOPE and not a HOPELESS END” Tindog Waraynon!!!!”

Hope and faith is what keeps this family going. A tragedy that could have immensely damaged their family values, but instead it became a life lesson and a good example of what we leyteans are all about.